Wednesday, July 20, 2016

salim sulaiman toronto tickets

 salim sulaiman show toronto
Immerse yourself in an amazing world music experience with Salim-Sulaiman. This very special benefit concert for The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a unique opportunity for the community to come together in support of kidney patients and their families. Join us for this concert or take part in our VIP reception. Salim and Sulaiman are world renowned musician brothers who, over the last decade, have taken the musical and entertainment worlds by storm. Their artistic portfolios spans across Bollywood, Hollywood, TV, advertising, and music production. Their warmth, energy and spirt will captivate you. 

Event Information:
      Event Name: Salim - Sulaiman Live Concert 2016 Toronto 
      Event Date: Sep 18 - 2016
      Event Time: 7.30 PM 
      Event Venue: Mississauga Living Arts Center, 4141 Living Arts Drive, MISSISSAUGA, ON L5B 0A1

 Salim Sulaiman Show 2016 Toronto

Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Year Eve With Ameer Ali

New Year Eve With Ameer Ali
New Year Eve  2016 With Ameer Ali in  Shahi Palace, Woodbridge party starts from 9.30pm. Tickets on Sulekha.
Event Information:
    Event Date: Dec 31 - 2015
    Event Time: 09.00 PM
    Event Venue: Shahi Palace, 680 Amboy Ave, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095
    Event Tickets Available:
 New Year Eve With Ameer Ali

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Year Eve Party 2016

New Year Eve Party 2016
Classy venue - Classy Event, rocking DJ Spinning Bollywood Tunes and Top 40's, Noise Makers and Party Favors, Buffet Dinner Made by award winning chef cash Bar.
Event Information:
    Event Date: Dec 31 - 2015
    Event Time: 08.30 PM
    Event Venue: Nirvana Restaurant and Lounge, 8689 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    Event Tickets Available:
 New year

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine Holiday Parties in USA

Courting is heating up with time. No more time left. Some may not have a valentine, but space for your buddies. Just get him or her to join me on behalf of buffet and bollywood. Be prepared for ballroom dance foxtrot in flowing gowns and suede soles.

Even your friends would illuminate the mood for Valentine's fun. So start making your greeting cards to remind them about satin hearts and chocolates. Also get a hang of scotch and single malt whisky to feel the royal touch. Never miss the Valentine's Day Buffet with your love. Start prepping with your dance lessons and disco. Time to hit the tempo!

Groove to Spanish beats in stilettos and short sequins. avail the cheapest Single Awareness Day offers to be the one, who is dressed to kill. Lots of bollywood beats with a blend of American classic and duet! Expect some feathers and net apart from the regular tea gowns. Enjoy the taste of roman classic arts and food. Including the Tuscan delicacies by renowned chefs...

Get out of seductive feel and arrive at high as the legends Romeo and Juliet. Spend your valuable time for sweetest gifts. Ransack your brain box for the best of trinkets-Charm Bracelets, rings, and above all, show your chivalry.

Single awareness Day is all about Valentines living their romantic moments. Get hold of the Single Awareness' Sale to choose your desired charm bracelets and rings.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Glamorous New Year 2016 Events

Let's get thrilled and amused with the forthcoming New Year 2016 celebrations. Living in US and Canada adds lot more fun, than raving about summer vacation at our uncle's place. Why to wait for old friends to get in touch with us? Let's get off our work clothes for a while, and dress up in chic fashion to brighten the New Year eve's celebration in 2016.

Not everyone cares about donning in sherwani. It's time to groove in Gucci and Prada. This is one of the few chances, where our little secrets are ignored. So let's party like a troop of monkeys and honor the epicurean ethos during the New Year 2016 events. Let's flaunt in street fashion and Dior Homme's cotton pique shirt . Let the white oxford shirt tugging our torso get rid off us for some time.

New year 2016 events New Year 2016 Desi Events throw a bash of igniting cultural events Indian events and 21+ party blasts. Don't ever miss these things to recall some of the most memorable moments New Year eve's Desi moments with your friends, from the neighboring cities in the US.

Reviving some traditional remains, New Year 2016 celebrations also brings in some cultural celebrations. Not to forget your kids, let them be a part to witness the local Indian community events Indian communities' celebrations in the US and Canada. Let them dance to the popular Bollywood soundtracks and play with some pot-painting and doll-making. 2016 New Year's Eve invite our little ones to enjoy the elite dinner seats with an aura of musical evening DJ nights.

Join us to enjoy the New Year 2016 events!
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sulekha launches "Airports" List in its Travel site

Sulekha steps into a fresh advent, in the form of introducing a Airport List, fulfill your earnest wanting Airports, cohesive demand of the needs that the site is already providing us with thus long..

The new "Airports" tab gives all the data you need, particularly eyeing the Airports of Canada, US and India.

fetch the required data on the several airports by its name. Looking for codes, name, departures and arrivals for the day, location by address, or yet the longitudinal or latitudinal position of the airport? You can fetch them from here.

Not sure about the name of the Airport? You need not care to know. Or, have the airport location in fingertips in a particular state to suit the best for you?

 Get the names of the airport in the state or situated at that's all is required, and the data is complete for you to fetch all the information you are in need of.

For your needs on the airports Canada, US or India Whether you know the name of the airport, or you puzzled out the departures and arrivals of the airports; use the one that will suit you Get what you need from here.
Airports in USA, Canada & India, Airports in US, Airports in Canada

Why Do I Love Touring In India?

Travelling to the foremost fascinating land, India - It maybe to see the Snowy mountains, flowering valleys, forests, rivers, streams, flora and fauna, historic monuments, or your dearest family and friends.

India is perfect for anything....

For honeymoon tours, there are the hill stations and ocean side.

Rocky adventure is what you are aiming at? The Himalayas!

Miracles ofhistoric monuments and architecture? Taj Mahal, ruins of Hampi, the rock cut temples, Ellora and Ajantha caves, vast forts of Rajasthan, and the list goes on.

Would you like to see rarities such as the Royal Bengal Tiger? Wildlife conservation centers.

Along with, people are flocking here for spiritual tours - To study yoga, meditation or just stays at an ashram.

I am personally a lover of North-East India. It has luscious natural beauty. I have had the best opportunity to visit one of the earthly cities Nathula, located in Gangtok.I was mesmerized by the exotic beauty of the Tsomgo Lake. the one place that had my experiences racing back to the old unseen China. It is a virgin lake and in-fact I think of the time of China since I had been there, the memories stay young in my mind. It is a wonderful place to go to.

Or, the hometown is calling, because you want to join your cult that you left back in India, just get back and fill your tummy with mouth-watering Indian food, family and friends surround you with goodness.
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